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Nov 3, 2012 10:00pm EDT
it allows me to do is to kind of -- in math or science, felt like i had a holistic understanding. my bases were really really solid so when i went to calculus is that this is intuitive and what i wanted to corporate finance is that this is intuitive. there's nothing new here and you see other really really smart people, they are just memorizing formulas and then they forget it and when they see a related concept it's like, what's this? what i tried to do with my cousin is give a sense of intuition and draw the connection so it's not some random concept. it's connected to everything they have learned before and i get a lot of letters, i would assume that would have only been appealing to motivated kids so to speak but i get a lot of letters from kids who were traditionally disengaged and they said that is why it was not motivated. nobody was saying why. no one was giving me the connection so hopefully that is why people have been connecting to this. >> host: lets talk a little bit about virtual education and offering the types of things you're offering. a lot of people are still a
Oct 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
math and science and bears emphasis on trying to prove that and it will come as a shock that women far outstripped men in academic performance. >> guest: i have a daughter and two sons. it you occasion is the clearest argument. girls do better than boys and now they have equal as 80 scores in math and do better in verbal scores. it starts early in life and that is largely a development question. we demand a lot more of younger and younger children and girls develop faster than boys. that is where it starts and people say boys get a sense of themselves as a little bit of failures in school. not because they're less smart. boys and girls are equally smart. it has to do with extra issues like discipline and can you sit still and what schools are demanding of kids comes more naturally to girls than boys. i have an addendum to that i will get into in a minute and then you move to community college and other college and for every two degrees men get women get three degrees. that is a huge disparity. they reached parity about the 80s and since then women have been outstripping men. women shou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2